When Frugal Is Not Enough

When Frugal Is Not Enough


This blog has mostly focused on ways to cut your expenses and pinch your pennies. But after reading this article on Afford Anything, I have realised that for some people, debt is not a result of a spending problem, but an earning problem.

fast moneyIf you’ve managed to turn your expenses into an endangered species but still can’t pay your bills, then read on. Paula has some helpful suggestions for boosting your short-term and long-term income. Her suggestions include:

  • Get a second job
  • Increase your side-hustles (A side hustle is a way to make some extra cash without quitting your day job. I will explore this more in the near future.)
  • Get a raise at work
  • Change to higher-paying career
  • Boost your return on investments

Each of these options are ordered in terms of quickest payoff.

If you need help or inspiration in the earning department, check out the article to learn more ways to increase your cash flow.