Top 5 Budget Busters

Top 5 Budget Busters

If you are overshooting your budget for several months in a row, maybe it’s not the big expenses that’s padding your bills. Take a look at these five ‘silent’ budget busters that usually goes unnoticed and piles up on your bills.

  1. Morning coffee

Starter$5 one morning may be okay, but if it’s your daily morning habit to pick up coffee on the way to work it would cost you around $100 a month. It does not really have to be just coffee, maybe it’s a donut or a sandwich. Wake up early to brew your own coffee or pack your own breakfast for cheaper and healthier alternative.






  1. Cable channels

Cable subscription is an entertainment expense – you don’t really need it, no matter how much you say you can’t live without it. You are paying hundreds of dollars each years for 24 hours a day of cable TV whether or not you’re watching.


  1. Magazine subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions may look really cheap, but if you never really had the time to read it and it just piles up on your coffee table, you are sending money down the drain. Besides, what can’t Google answer these days?


  1. Memberships

You signed up for 6 or 12 months of a posh gym membership to “motivate” yourself to start working out. If you are a student and you subscribed to exclusive online references website that’s on auto-renewal but are no longer that useful to you, terminate them immediately. Don’t procrastinate.


  1. Alcohol

Do you find yourself treating your friends to another round of beer when you’ve had a few bottles? Or you absently say yes when the bartender offers you another beer? Alcohol blurs your judgment. Like everything else, moderation is key.

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