Avoid credit card scams

Tips to avoid credit card scams

Each time you use your credit cards at restaurants and online transactions exposes you to risks of credit card scams. Vital information such as your credit card number, name, birthday, and address may also be stolen through fraud survey calls, emails, and internet forms. Your credit card may be skimmed or copied and used for unauthorized, expensive purchases.

Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary risks of credit card scams:

  • Never give your credit card details to someone you do not trust.
  • Avoid using public computers for internet purchases and online banking transactions
  • Never send important information through email.
  • Avoid using auto-complete options in your web browser to fill in credit card details.

If you suspect that your credit card has been skimmed or your information has been stolen, report it immediately to your bank. You can also try reporting it with Scamwatch.


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