Shopaholic Guide To Spending Less

Shopaholic Guide To Spending Less

Are you a shopaholic?  Do you find it difficult to say no even when you know you can’t afford it?

USA News has published an interesting article on how to overcome your shopaholic tendencies.  Here are the key points:

Shopaholic with shopping bags1.  Take less money with you so that you’re restricted by how much you can actually spend.

2.  Avoid shopping unless it’s necessary and when you do visit the shops, limit your time there.

3.  Take a friend or family member and ask them to talk you out of buying unnecessary items.

4.  Review your shopping decisions and look for the triggers that made you buy.  If you can identify the triggers, you can avoid doing the same in future.

5.  If all else fails, seek the help of a financial therapist.

I hope you found these tips useful as a way to avoid your shopaholic tendencies.

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