Reduce Money-Related Stress

How To Reduce Money Related Stress

The best things in life aren’t things. This is Joshua Becker’s mantra. He is a strong advocate for living a minimalist life.

money related stressMany of his blog posts reiterate the notion that nobody’s goal in life is to own a lot of stuff, and yet the majority of us live as though it is.

We want jobs that pay a lot of money, yet we save very little. We want to buy bigger houses; better cars.

But, Becker says, these things are not really what we want most out of life.

Rather, we seek significance and want to make a difference; contribute to society.

When we think about life in this way, shouldn’t it change the way we think about money?

According to Becker, money-related stress is about more than just a shortage of dollars. The stress instead emanates from the way that we think about and interact with money.  Therefore, the way to reduce money-related stress lies in changing these ways.

Some thoughts that have helped Becker do this include:

  • You need less than you think
  • Money won’t bring you happiness
  • Money is not the ultimate goal of your work
  • With wealth comes new/different problems
  • The desire for riches robs us of life
  • There is no joy in living beyond your means – only stress
  • There is joy in generosity
  • The security found in money and possessions does not last
  • Money is fundamentally just a tool to expedite trade.

If you’re struggling with financial related stress, check out Becker’s full post here to begin changing the way you think about money.