Problems paying utilities

Problems paying your utility Bills?

Are you having a hard time paying your utilities? Budgeting for utilities can be challenging because you don’t know how much they cost until the bill arrives in your mailbox. In a previous post, we talked about applying for hardship variance with your creditors. Do you know that you can do the same with your utilities?

Most companies have hardship officers that can help you work out a plan to settle your bill in installment terms. They can also help you explore your options when applying for an emergency utility bill vouchers. You can find a list of agencies depending on your location that can provide you rebates and vouchers to meet your payments here.

If you notice that your consumption on electricity, water, or telephone is higher on certain months, you can also discuss with your service provider about bill smoothing. You can arrange to settle your bill in monthly or fortnightly payments instead of having just one big payment.

If all this sounds daunting, you can consult a financial counselor that can help you explore your options.