You Can Live Off Half Of Your Income

Even MORE Proof That You Can Live Off Half Of Your Income

Learn how you can save your way to an early retirement.

Save MoneyStruggling month after month to pay the bills can wear you down. According to Mr. Money Mustache, having debt is like being totally out of control and that buying anything beyond groceries and rent is like pretending that you’re not in a bad shape financially.

MMM has been accused of being “tight” with money and promoting an unnecessarily austere lifestyle, yet he managed retirement by 30. When interviewed by Forbes magazine, he explained he did it by living off 50% of his income.

In addition to last week’s post, MMM’s story is further proof that this can work for you, and he explains exactly how you can, too.

It is great motivation to know that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone in order to make ends meet, so check it out!