Living Like No One Else

Living Like No One Else So That Later You Can LIVE Like No One Else

Living within your means can be a difficult thing.  For many people it can be hard to even understand, because our society is built on borrowing.

We borrow for our education, for our cars, our houses, we rent to own, and buy things under “pay in 10 easy installment” plans.frugal

So, living on what we earn can be a challenge. But, if you can learn to do it, and make the change, then it can transform your life.

This woman had owed someone something almost all of her life. She started borrowing at age 19, getting a loan for a new car, and then another for college, and on top of that she was creating debt on her credit cards.

By the time she finally paid off all of her debts, she inherited some new ones through a new marriage.

She had lived her entire life from paycheck to paycheck, until one day she decided she’d had enough.

She decided to stop living on everything she earned. She decided to stop borrowing. She decided to start saving.

She began making a change by ruthlessly cutting expenses until there was nothing left to cut, and handling unexpected expenses by sacrificing family holidays.

Such a drastic change of lifestyle might take some getting used to, but as your income increases, it will get easier.

As Dave Ramsey says; “Live like no one else so later you can LIVE like no one else.”

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