Little Effort, Simple Savings

Little Effort, Simple Savings

There is an old saying that goes something like “don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

This post by Jim at Bargaineering reminded me of the to save

There are a lot of little and easy things that we can do to save money, but when you calculate the time and effort that are involved, some just aren’t worth it.

Jim gives the example of reusing sandwich bags vs. cutting back on cable. The sandwich bags can save you $30 a year, but the cable can save $30 a month and requires a lot less effort.

So doesn’t it seem practical to work less in order to save more?

Here are some more quick and easy tips to help you make simple savings at home.

Turn off the lights you’re not using.

You could try enforcing a one light per person rule in your household. There’s no reason to have a dozen lights on in the house while you’re watching TV in your living room.

Buy surge protectors for your appliances.

Many appliances continue to draw power even when they’re switched off at the wall. Surge protectors allow you to limit these vampire appliances and you can turn them off if you aren’t using any of the appliances that are plugged in. Surge protectors, as the name suggests, also protect your appliances from energy surges, so they’re a good investment.

Ditch the dryer.

Line drying your laundry will noticeably reduce your energy bill. It is also gentler for your clothes, so they will last longer. Even if the weather is not perfect, you can still dry your clothes on a rack or “clothes horse” inside.