How You Can Save Money On Health

How You Can Save Money On Your Health

We’ve got it all backwards.

It is a common misconception in our society that in order to improve our health, we must spend a lot of money.

One really common reason that we don’t join a gym or don’t take that yoga class is “it is so expensive!” While this is sometimes true, there are always ways to get healthier and save money at the same time.

Here are some ways to save money on money on health


Quit Smoking

The first thing our doctor will tell us will improve our health is quitting smoking.

Smoking is a bad habit and the health risks are numerous – lung diseases like emphysema and chronic bronchitis or lung cancer are just a few. Illnesses such as these will rack up some major expenses, which will continue to increase as we get older.

Quitting smoking is most likely the best step we could take to improving your health.

Not to mention the money we’ll save. Cigarettes are heavily taxed in Australia and can cost almost $1 per cigarette, according to The Age. On top of this expense, we may save on cleaning bills for our clothing and cars.


Prepare Meals At Home

I’ve talked about the economic benefits of eating at home before, but the health connotations have never been addressed here.

According to CommBank’s Signals series, the average spend per month on fast food in Australia has increased by 23 per cent over four years.

Though it seems that Australians love convenience when it comes to our food, from a health perspective, this is bad. Restaurant meals tend to be filled with fat, salt and sugar.

We could all do with a lot less of each of these, so it is best to minimize the frequency of our trips to restaurants and fast food joints.

Avoiding them will certainly be beneficial to our weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

We can also save a wealth of money as the cost of eating out far exceeds the cost of preparing meals at home.


Reduce Consumption Of Packaged Meals

Try thinking of it this way; packaged meals are almost takeout. It is a meal that someone else prepared that we’re just heating up. Like restaurant meals, they are packed with fat, salt and sugar.

Even though eating them at home makes it feel more like a home-cooked meal, from a health standpoint, they basically have the same effect on our bodies.

In terms of money, preparing packaged meals may be less expensive than eating at a restaurant, but they’re still considerably more expensive than food cooked from scratch at home.

We can easily save money on health by changing our eating habits.


Reduce Meat Consumption

Meat is an expensive part of our diet.

The better, healthier meats are expensive, and the cheaper meats are not as good for us. Cutting back on our meat consumption can improve our heart health, and our budgets.

As the years pass, we are putting bigger and bigger pieces of meat on our plates. We don’t need to eat as much as we do.

Some studies show that high meat consumption can cause certain types of cancer.

We don’t need to completely eliminate meat from our diets, but eating less could improve our overall health.

We can replace some of the meat on our plate with healthy substitutes such as beans and fresh vegetables.

By reducing the amount of meat we put in our grocery baskets, we can save a lot on our grocery bills.


Walk To Errands If They Are Within 2km

Our time is precious, so we can easily get into the habit of driving around the block to the post office or the bank.

Instead of driving everywhere, we could try to walk anywhere we need to go if it is within 2km from home.

This way, we’ll get exercise that we wouldn’t normally get as a result of driving everywhere. And we’re not even going out of our way to get the benefits of walking.

Walking is good for both sustaining weight and improving heart function.

As well as improving our health, we’re also saving money on fuel and wear and tear on our cars from excessive use. Walking instead of driving will also decrease the likelihood of car accidents.

It is a really easy way to save money on health.


Cut Back On Non-Prescription Meds

Try not to take non-prescriptions for every cold or ache or pain.

Simple substitutions will save us money, but could also be beneficial for our body.

For example, instead of taking a couple of Panadol for a headache, try taking a nap in a quiet room for a while. In this case, sleep can often have the same effect as pills, and we’re not consuming any chemicals.

Likewise, an upset stomach can be settled with a cup of hot ginger tea. An all-natural remedy.

The effect that overuse of non-prescription medication has on our body is uncertain, but since every individual body chemistry is unique, it may be beneficial not to push it with the chemicals.


Ditch The Gym Membership And Work Out At Home

Regularly exercising is highly beneficial for our bodies.

It controls our weight and helps us to maintain a healthy circulatory system.

It can even improve our mental health.

However, achieving these things does not necessarily mean that we require an expensive gym membership. Most of the exercise that we need can easily be done at home or in a local park.

We can walk, jog, or bike around the neighborhood. Most neighborhoods will have tracks especially for this.

Exercises like push-ups and sit-ups, yoga, Pilates or calisthenics can be done at home.

There are hundreds of dollars that can be saved on health each year by ditching the gym membership and working out at home.


Entertain At Home

If you enjoy a busy social life, learn to entertain at home.

Hanging out with friends in restaurants and bars is fun, but you’re also likely to be eating meals packed with fat, salt, and sugar.

These meals, along with sugary or alcoholic (or both) drinks are likely to rack up quite a bill, and I’m not just talking about from a fiscal standpoint.

By entertaining at home, we have more control over the menu, so we can ensure that we’re eating healthily. We’re also able to control the amount of alcohol that is on offer.

The best part of being the host is, it is so easy to get home at the end of the night.

Restaurants and bars are expensive places for us to hang out with our friends.

By entertaining at home, we’re cutting our entertainment costs and our health costs.

We may even have a good influence to our friends, who may start doing the same thing.


So you can see it is possible – even easy – to improve our health and save money at the same time. These are just a few examples, there are certainly other ways that we can individually save money on health.