Grocery strategies that make you buy more

Beware of Grocery tactics that make you buy more than you need

Did you know that merchandisers pay extra to grocery stores to have their items put on the shelf on eye level? Smaller, cheaper brands which could be of equal quality usually cannot afford this fee and thus land on the lower shelves. This is just one of the subtle marketing tactics that groceries use to encourage you to buy the more expensive brand. The list below outlines some more marketing strategies which encourage you to spend more while shopping.

  1. The store layout walks you through tempting items before you find what you need.
  2. The checkout counter displays small items you can buy on impulse.
  3. Great smelling food that suggests you buy more food.
  4. Easy going hits so you’ll take it slow and look around more.
  5. Set ups that display items that go together.
  6. Bargain signs to catch the eyes.
  7. Eye level shelf – also for children.
  8. The buy-one-get-one-free promo.
  9. More big carts than little baskets.
  10. Free taste.

shopping cart


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