The First New Year Financial Resolution – Settle Debt Through Debt Consolidation And Negotiation

The First New Year Financial Resolution

The First New Year Financial Resolution

According to an article from Daily Finance, “saving money” is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. If you failed at your resolution last year to save money or get out of debt, don’t let it discourage you from trying again this year. Research shows that around 70% of people who made resolutions last year got at least halfway there, and it’s always better than starting nothing at all.

Setting goals should be specific, important, and measurable. But if you find this task too daunting, focus first on self-awareness. Track all of your expenses and record them faithfully in a notebook, on a computer file, or your smart phone using a budget app. This will give you valuable realizations where your money is going, and provides a benchmark against which you can measure your goals eventually.

Finally, set achievable goals every month or every week, instead of a whole year. Check your progress and adjust your targets because your needs and circumstances may change.

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