Are You Saving Enough For Your Future?

Are You Saving Enough For Your Future?


If you could see the future, would you be saving your money differently?Are You Saving Enough For The Future

This post by Stephanie at The Empowered Dollar made me wonder myself.

When I was in high school my best friend’s father (the owner of a successful financial services company) was always reminding us that we would never have enough money in our superannuation to retire on. We needed to save more, than we think to have enough savings for the future.

When I read Stephanie’s post, I immediately thought of him. It wasn’t future me that was reminding me that I needed to be vigilant about saving for my impending retirement, it was someone from the past, and his words have always stuck with me.

I took his advice and set up a new savings account with automated transfers after every pay period. Even when I was living week to week on my Study Allowance from the government, I was still putting away a portion of the paycheck.

Ten or twenty dollars a week really doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t. However, when you’re continuously putting it away and adding to it, it accumulates to a lot.

By the end of three years I had a nice little nest egg that I put into high return investments, which have grown it even more.

Even though I took the advice of an expert, I still feel like I need to be saving more.

What about you? Do you think that you’re saving enough for your future?

If you want to start, check out this web site for suggestions.