6 Danger Signs of Debt

6 Danger Signs of Debt Trouble

It may sound like an introduction to a punch line joke. But seriously, you should call a debt expert when:

  • You are juggling cards. You apply for a new credit card then use the cash advance to pay off an outstanding bill from another card.

  • You are using a credit card not just for convenience, but because you seriously don’t have money for necessities.
  • You have lost track how many credit cards you are maintaining.
  • You are working overtime just to keep up with credit card payments.
  • You are consistently paying only the minimum payment required for each credit card, or less.
  • You are dipping into your emergency fund to pay your credit card bills.

If you find most of these statements are applicable to you, do not delay until the problem gets out of hand. An appointment with a debt expert can help get your finances back on track.

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