5 More Ways to Save Money -

5 More Ways to Save Money

5 More Ways to Save Money

If you have already given your finances a make-over, here are five more ways you may have missed:

  1. Challenge yourself not to spend anything on non essentials for as long as you can. Think of repairing your old items, renting instead of buying, or borrowing from a friend.
  2. Swap fashion items within your network of friends or try swapping forums and websites.
  3. Reduce water and energy consumption. Swap for more energy efficient appliances even if it means more initial cost.
  4. Review your transport expenses. Is there an opportunity for carpooling at work? Do you often run to the grocery for only a few items? Is your car maintained properly?
  5. Reduce temptations to spend by dedicating your time to other projects, like a charity or a part time job.

For more information on these steps, click here.

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